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When our church moved into Old West Tampa, we knew that this area was on the radar for redevelopment by the City of Tampa. While the government seeks to change the physical appearance of the area, it’s more than a physical change that is needed here: hearts and minds must transform for real and lasting change to take root. Bringing the pauper into the palace might change his outward appearance, but he doesn’t become the prince until his thoughts and beliefs line up. Guess what: THIS is our Lord’s specialty, and this is the work He’s given us to do here in West Tampa.

In March, we hit the streets weekly with prayer walks and invitations to the entire neighborhood to join us on Good Friday and Resurrection Sunday. We brought worship and prayer outside to saturate the atmosphere of West Tampa with the sounds of heaven. We reached ALL 20,000 people who live in West Tampa with the opportunity to get to know Jesus and worship Him together. On Good Friday, we hosted a community dinner, fun activities for youth and kids, and worship service for adults. On Resurrection Sunday, we had breakfast and a powerful worship service for visitors and members alike to worship Jesus together.

Will you be part of this push to bring the good news of Jesus and His resurrection to West Tampa?

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What does a REVIVED West Tampa look like?

  • Fathers engaged in raising their children
  • Husbands and wives maintaining their covenant
  • Youth, especially young men, graduating high school and moving onto workforce training or college degrees.
  • Gun violence eliminated
  • Drug use and dealing decreased
  • Community safety and engagement increased

Strong Men

What are we doing to bring REVIVAL to West Tampa?

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- Creating family-friendly community events in the center of Old West Tampa
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- Offering end of the school year celebrations for youth

- Christmas & Easter celebrations to bring the gospel of hope

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We reached our goal for Good Friday & Resurrection Sunday!

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